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JT Triad High Performance Loader - Blue

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The JT Triad is the choice of team Adrenaline and the official recommended hopper for all Adrenaline markers—especially when being used in mechanical mode. In our opinion, it is simply the best combination of speed and reliability available today.

Features include:

  • Low profile, slim design yet still holds 215 rounds
  • Its extremely fast force-fed design is somehow built without a ton of complicated parts that lead to failures
  • Feed rate is claimed to be 15 bps but see our videos linked below for  a demonstration at a much higher rate of fire
  • Jam-free feeding is still safe on brittle paint with its patented magnetic clutch and drive cone/paddle 
  • Having both sound activation and infrared eyes it starts feeding when the marker first shoots putting tension on the ball stack then the infrared eyes sense when the ball stack is filled and keep the motor from continuing to spin (protecting brittle paint)
  • Tool-less design for easy cleaning and maintenance and all of the electronics are located under the shell to prevent damage from broken paint or rain
  • No programming required as it comes shipped at warp speed with the auto-reverse and clutch to protect brittle paint (no-pulsing)
  • Includes both the standard/rain lid and a speed feed lid


The Best loader in paintball

We feel that the JT Triad is the best loader available due to its combination of speed and reliability. We found it to be faster than a Spire and more reliable than a Rotor. The Triad is the choice of Adrenaline.