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Premier Subscriptions

What's In the Box?

Aside from tons of Premier Membership benefits, members also receive a quarterly box of personalized Adrenaline goodness. Combinations of T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Decals, Swabs, Glassware, Sports Bottles, Pods, Fill Nipple Covers, Barrel Bags and tons more all based upon your sizes and preferences. Update your account with your gun type, serial number and upload a photo and we'll use that info as well.

How It Works

Choose your plan

Pick the plan that is right for you. Pay quarterly or save 10% when you pay annually. Update your sizes, markers, serials, preferences for apparel vs. swag, even upload a photo of your gun on your Account page for a more personalized box.

Immediate Benefits

Enjoy your Adrenaline Premier benefits right away.* See the tables below or on the product page for details on all benefits.
*Subject to Early Access Restrictions FAQ Below

Delivered Quarterly

Receive a personalized box every quarter, delivered right to your door. Update your box preferences on your Account page. Discounted shipping is charged with each shipment or annually if on annual payment plan.

The Plans

Adrenaline Premier Pro Subscription


20 Reviews

Adrenaline Premier Subscription


9 reviews

Adrenaline Premier Plus Subscription


12 reviews

Premier Membership FAQ

How do I indicate my sizes, guns, preferences, serial numbers, etc.?

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Initial T-Shirt, Hoody and Hat sizes chosen at checkout. Many additional preferences are available and encouraged to help personalize your box. Additionally, your size may change based on weight or other preferences, requiring an update.

1. Log in to your Adrenaline Account by clicking on the Log In or Account link on the menu.

2. Click on Edit Account at the top or under Account Details.

3. Complete or update all information as applicable.

NOTE: If you changed your Hat size/preference or your T-Shirt & Hoody size you are encouraged to also update it under Your Subscriptions in the Subscriptions Portal, click on the subscription and then Variant. If you're on an annual plan contact Support for assistance in changing your variants.

How do I access the Subscriptions Portal?

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You can access your Customer Portal in two ways:

1. Adrenaline Account
Log in to your Adrenaline Account by clicking on the Log In or Account link on the menu. Once logged in click on the Subscriptions link on the Account page. If an error states that there is no subscription account associated see the FAQ here.

2. Email Link
Click the unique Subscription Portal link sent to you via email after you subscribed or upon request on the Log In screen.

My subscription account is missing after logging in?

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If you receive a "no subscription account associated" error after clicking on Manage Subscriptions on the Adrenaline Account page do the following:

1. Log out and return to the Log In page.

2. Click on the button under the NEED HELP ACCESSING YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS? section.

3. Enter your Email and request the subscription login invite.

4. Click the link in the Email.

What are my payment options?

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We offer two payment options, quarterly and annually. The annual payment plan provides a 10% discount. Either way you still receive an Adrenaline box each quarter.

Can I add a normal product to my subscription?

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Sure can:

1. Log in to your Subscriptions Portal (see FAQ here).

2. Click on the Subscriptions link in the portal menu.

3. Click Add a Product and search and select the product you would like to add to your account. On the following page, you can make product and charge adjustments. When finished, click Add a Product.

What are the Early Access Restrictions?

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1. Purchase Limit
Both Early Access and Premier Exclusive products are limited to one item per customer in each offering.

2. Waiting Period
To prevent anyone from subscribing right before a product launch the Early Access benefit is limited until your second quarter of membership. Annual payment plans have no waiting period. There are also no waiting periods on launches prior to February 1, 2022 if you subscribed in 2021. There is no waiting period for Premier Exclusive products.

Can I have more than one subscription?

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While you are able to purchase more than one subscription plan or increase the quantity of a certain plan to more than one, this will not increase the Early Access purchase limit of one item per customer.

How do I skip an upcoming quarterly box?

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Once logged into your Subscriptions Portal, click on Delivery Schedule in to see your upcoming deliveries for your subscriptions. To skip a delivery, click Skip to the right of each order. You may only skip once per year.

How do I change my shipping address?

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1. Log In to the Subscriptions Portal (see FAQ).

2. Click Shipping Addresses in the menu.

3. Click the current shipping address.

4. Update your information and click Update Shipping Address button.

How do I change my credit card or billing address?

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1. Log In to the Subscriptions Portal (see FAQ)

2. Click Billing Information

3. Click Send Email to Update to be sent a link to an upgraded security platform to enter your sensitive information.

Does it come in the cool embossed black box?

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Not at this time, it's just fancy artwork for now.

How do I cancel my subscription?

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1. Log In to the Subscriptions Portal (see FAQ).

2. Click Subscriptions

3. Click Cancel Plan underneath the details.

4. Complete the form.

NOTE: Cancelling a quarterly billed subscription will stop all benefits and you will no longer be billed or shipped Adrenaline boxes in the future. Cancelling an annually billed subscription will stop all benefits and Adrenaline box shipments but will NOT generate a refund (because of how we provide annual plans with no Exclusive Access restrictions). Be sure to cancel annual plans just before the renewal date.

Where can I read the subscription policy?

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To view our subscription policy view the Subscription Policy page.

As a Premier subscriber, how do I obtain my free lasering?

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To obtain your complimentary lasering simply visit our Returns Center and complete the form. However, under the Reason for Return, proceed through the Lasering options.

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