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Adrenaline Shocker Mid-Rise

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The Adrenaline Shocker Mid-Rise fits all Shocker CVO, XLS, RSX bodies. It is designed to add exactly 1 ball to the stack when resting on a ball in the chamber. This provides a significant feeding advantage for the mechanical CVO crowd. It also increases line of sight down the gun by raising the hopper slightly out of the way which can also be a benefit on an XLS or RSX.

We have tested an Adrenaline Shocker CVO with a Virtue Spire III (with the Strength setting set to 7 in the app) at streams of 15.4 bps although that should not be expected at a sustained rate. We used to make Adrenaline Angels that shot 13 bps on a VL 2000. We achieved that back then with skyscraper tall high rises. This is going back to that technology for your Spire III which is fortunately much more capable than an old VL Revolution hopper (hence we made them a little shorter).

It does not include the latching arm or screws but simply swap those from your current low-rise as they are identical.