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Adrenaline Pocket Goggle Cloth

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The Adrenaline Pocket Goggle Cloth was designed as an easy-to-keep pocket microfiber that serves a dual purpose. One side features a more standard microfiber surface for the initial cleaning. The opposite side is an ultrafine material similar to what is used for eyeglasses or sunglasses. The size is 5" x 7" and can easily be kept in your pocket (but don't be a sneaky cheater). 

Care Instructions

Washing microfiber towels is pretty easy, there are just a few things that you should remember to keep your products effective and long lasting. You can wash and dry your microfiber products in your household washer and dryer, with warm water and low heat.

Do Not Use Bleach
Microfiber products do not like bleach. Washing microfiber towels with bleach breaks down the polyester and polyamide micro-filaments, rendering them less effective.

Do Not Use Fabric Softener
Fabric softeners provide a layer of "softeness" on your clothing, which is nice for clothing that you wear, but this coating clogs the microfibers, rendering them less effective.

Do Not Wash with Other Cotton Products
It is not that microfiber products do not like cotton products or other fabrics, it is that when you are cleaning microfiber cloth with your cotton products the microfiber will grab and hold onto the lint that the cotton produces. So if you do not want your microfiber towels to lint then you should not wash them with cotton products.