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Adrenaline Luxe IDOL - Rhodium Mirror

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Adrenaline Luxe IDOL in Rhodium Mirror plating (not anodized) finish. This marker will require extra maintenance vs. an anodized marker. It must be wiped down after use and kept clean and dry.

Note that these images show a default design. The actual Rhodium finish will be as described above. Adrenaline Regulator in Rhodium image is shown for reference only.

This Adrenaline Luxe IDOL is a highly customized version of the Luxe IDOL. Features include:

  • Comes standard with both electronic and mechanical frames
  • The mechanical frame has the Adrenaline timer by Garmin as well as the extended Adrenaline mechanical trigger and the Adrenaline Dragon wooden grips (stock rubber grips also included)
  • Both frames include matching Adrenaline ASAs with built in slide rail which allows for approximately 5/8" adjustment
  • Autococker threaded Adrenaline barrel (the only cocker threaded Luxe on the planet)
  • Full-body Adrenaline Dragon 3D milling with dragon scales or dragon skin on every part (including barrel) created from our own private extrusion
  • Adrenaline SAS Freak XL insert (.686)
  • Enlarged vertical foregrip 
  • Adrenaline Bernoulli Bolt system with Adrenaline versions of the bolt, bolt can, bolt guide and bolt guide extension which were designed using fluid dynamics for improved velocity and efficiency
  • Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) coating on both the bolt and the bolt can
  • The Bernoulli Bolt, SAS insert with PTFE (using the 2nd slickest dry lubricant in existence) and WS2 coated bolt and can (using the slickest dry lubricant in existence) combine to create a synergistic effect beyond any Adrenaline innovation in our 27 years
  • Adrenaline Exterior Case
  • Adrenaline Interior Cases
  • Custom Adrenaline bootup screen 
  • Adrenaline Titanium Nitride tool set including 7/64" and 9/64" which are absent from the standard IDOL tool set (standard set also included)
  • Adrenaline collector's box for an unparalleled unboxing experience
  • The ID card slot in the Adrenaline case will contain the Adrenaline IDOL certificate of authenticity card with QR code seal verified by Verisart
  • The certificate of authenticity, owner, anodizing pattern, serial number and all subsequent transactions are recorded on the block chain to provide ownership identity to help eliminate resale fraud

The Dragon Reigns Supreme

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