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Adrenaline Luxe - Baba Yaga James Graley Personal Signature Series


Verisart Certificate of Authenticity

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Adrenaline Luxe in Baba Yaga James Graley Signature Series finish.

Signature Series Adrenaline Luxes include Signature Series anodizing, custom mechanical wood grip in applicable Signature Series pattern, unique voice pack of applicable Adrenaline Athlete, and separate serial number on right side of the unit in that limited edition Signature Series run

The Adrenaline Luxe is a highly customized version of the Luxe TM40. Features include:

  • Comes standard with both electronic and mechanical frames (the mechanical frame has the Adrenaline timer by Garmin)
  • Both frames include matching new version ASAs
  • 5-axis Tryamid full body design (including barrel)
  • Stainless Freak XL insert (.687)
  • Balance/weight changes
  • Adrenaline F-16 Bolt System
  • Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) treatment for both bolt and bolt can
  • Revised airflow for improved results with brittle paint
  • Increased air chamber throughout
  • Roughly 1/3rd reduction in operating pressure (below 100psi)
  • Mechanical frame is designed so that it cannot short stroke and also presented no chops in testing
  • Tool-free conversion to mech/electro in seconds
  • Revised grip ergonomics with water resistance
  • Wireless charging option ready
  • Adrenaline voices including our Signature Series players (*Signature Series models only) and main voice of Danny Manning

The Next Generation is Now.

Adrenaline has innovated yet again and partnered with Verisart to end social media "legit checks" for paintball secondary sales. If the Adrenaline product indicates "Verisart Certificate of Authenticity" under the title then it will include a physical Adrenaline QR Seal that is linked to a digital Certificate of Authenticity issued by Verisart and maintained on the Bitcoin blockchain. All subsequent transfer activity as well as the current owner and holder of the Certificate of Authenticity is maintained (and may be verified by any potential buyer) on the public blockchain. All Adrenaline certificates may be viewed, printed, shared and transferred from your Verisart account.

Certificate Process

Step 1

Purchase a Certified Product

After checkout you will receive an email from Adrenaline to claim your Certificate of Authenticity by adding it to your existing Verisart account or creating a new account. At this stage your standard COA will be placed on the Bitcoin blockchain and be publicly viewable. The standard COA will be upgraded to COA+ in step 3. See more about the upgraded COA+ at Verisart.

Step 2

Enter Your Serial Number

Adrenaline will assign you a serial number and either place the product in the production queue or, if in stock, ship the product. You will receive an email once your serial number has been assigned with your Adrenaline serial number. Edit your Adrenaline Certificate of Authenticity on your Verisart account to include your serial number on the "Inventory Number" line.

Step 3

Add the Adrenaline QR Seal

Your product will include a secure Adrenaline QR seal. Once you scan the QR seal it will ask you to login to your Verisart account and associate the verified product with a Certificate of Authenticity in your account. Once you link the Adrenaline seal to your COA it will be converted to COA+ and add the holographic seal to the COA. All future scans of your Adrenaline seal will link straight to your COA+.

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