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Adrenaline Luxe TM40 - #1 Stunna Eric Dearman Signature Series

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Adrenaline Luxe TM40 in #1 Stunna Eric Dearman Signature Series finish.

In bright dust red in front fading to very light silver dust in rear with high polish red splash in front (same color on top of same color), faded to high polish light silver splash in rear (on top of same color).

Signature Series Adrenaline Luxes include Signature Series anodizing, custom mechanical wood grip in applicable Signature Series pattern, unique voice pack of applicable Adrenaline Athlete, and separate serial number on right side of the unit in that limited edition Signature Series run

This Adrenaline Luxe TM40 is a highly customized version of the Luxe TM40. Features include:

  • Comes standard with both electronic and mechanical frames (the mechanical frame has the Adrenaline timer by Garmin)
  • Both frames include matching new version ASAs
  • 5-axis Tryamid full body design (including barrel)
  • Stainless Freak XL insert (.687)
  • Balance/weight changes
  • Adrenaline F-16 Bolt System
  • Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) treatment for both bolt and bolt can
  • Revised airflow for improved results with brittle paint
  • Increased air chamber throughout
  • Roughly 1/3rd reduction in operating pressure (below 100psi)
  • Mechanical frame is designed so that it cannot short stroke and also presented no chops in testing
  • Tool-free conversion to mech/electro in seconds
  • Revised grip ergonomics with water resistance
  • Wireless charging option ready

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