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Adrenaline Display Stand - Orange

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The Adrenaline Display Stand is made of thick (1/4") orange cell cast acrylic (not the cheaper extruded stuff). It is a premium brand cell cast and has excellent visual properties. We have approximately 30 minutes lasering time in each stand counting both lasering time and cutting time. It holds most markers well without much overhang due to its extended length. This is a heavy-duty premium piece.

  • Dimensions are 17.25" wide x 12" tall x 5" deep (with support stands)
  • 1/4" thick with front stability support to prevent leaning/tipping
  • Ships with protective cover on one side that is peeled off on arrival
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Available to be customized with your serial #

For assembly the pointed end of the support stands should be facing forward for additional stability and lean prevention. DO NOT use glass cleaner on acrylic. If a microfiber isn't enough then purchase plastic cleaner. We use Meguiar's® PlastX™ Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish which may be purchased at Amazon or auto parts stores such as Auto Zone for about $8 for a 10 oz. bottle.