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FAQ - Adrenaline Luxe

Adrenaline Luxe Questions

How do I swap between electro and mech?

We've created a video to help illustrate the simple conversion process. Check it out on our YouTube channel

How do I adjust the frames?

To adjust either frame use the same procedure described on our Blog Post about it.

How do I set up the timer?

To set up the timer (and to learn some great tips to improve its usability) check out our Blog Post about it.

What is the ideal operating pressure?

While the Adrenaline Luxe operates under 100 psi, the ideal tank output operating pressure is around 425 psi. The Adrenaline Regulators are pre-set for Adrenaline Luxes.

Note: Adrenaline Luxes can operate at higher output pressures so if your tank is set to 650 psi, as an example, it should perform just fine.

What grease should I use and when?

We only recommend the DLX factory grease that is included in your Adrenaline Luxe case. You may order additional grease from your favorite DLX dealer.

Any questions as to whether X, Y or Z grease will void the marker warranty should be directed to DLX.

With regard to frequency, the routine referenced in the Luxe manual is fine. However, due to the low friction coefficient of the WS2 coating on the Adrenaline bolt and can, you are able to go longer between grease treatments if desired.

What should I use to clean and polish?

Do not use all purpose cleaners such as Simple Green on your Adrenaline Luxe. We recommend a dry microfiber or, in dirty situations, water and a microfiber. Then you may follow up with a high quality polish and a high count microfiber. Adrenaline offers both Anodizing Polish and a Polishing Microfiber.

How do I get the vision eyes to work again?

If the eyes are clean and free of obstruction this is usually a frame adjustment issue. Check out our Blog Post on how to resolve it.

How do I get the electronic trigger to pivot freely?

A common issue we see is the electronic trigger will either stick in the pulled position or pivot in a rough manner. These issues may be easily resolved by loosening the trigger pivot pin screw (1/16" key) a slight amount (usually 1/4 turn or less).

Why is there a leak around the valve/solenoid?

Although not always the case, the usual culprit is a missing O-ring on the valve/solenoid seat. See the image below for proper identification. There are replacement O-rings for these in your parts kit.

How do I get my barrel front/back to screw in?

For the barrel front it is usually a matter of friction (and usually the worst during the first use). Simply rub some marker grease on the O-ring on the back of the barrel front and on the insert O-ring that is on the front end of the XL back piece.

For the barrel back (going into the marker) it is usually a combination of thread awareness and resistance from the O-ring. Push it in past the O-ring and turn. If this is unsuccessful, simply rotate counter-clockwise a bit and try again.

Why can't I screw my tank into the ASA fully?

This is a known issue for early generation Adrenaline Luxes. There are probably 40 to 50 that have this easily fixable issue. We have already fixed a significant portion of those units.

If you find yourself not being able to thread your tank fully into your ASA please contact Adrenaline Support.

How do I know if I have factory anodizing or a re-anodized quickship?

If you do not have an Adrenaline serial number lasered on the rear left side of the body then it has likely been re-anodized. We do not ship units without serial numbers. If there is a dash/hyphen between the Adrenaline "A" logo and the serial number, it has been re-anodized (by someone) and then re-lasered by us.