This is what some of the top players in paintball history have to say about Adrenaline.

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"If Lamborghini made paintball guns
this is what they would be."
Nicky Cuba
"I can't wait to see my Adrenaline
Shocker. Best Ever!"
Eric Dearman
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"The best guns always came from one
Nicky Vegas
"I shot the Adrenaline Angel back in
the day. Game changer!"
Will Arroyo

“I was the quintessential young kid who
dreamed of turning pro, not only did I
dream of turning pro I dreamt of being
sponsored by the best brands and using
the best equipment. When I joined the
Ironmen at age 17 my dreams turned
into a reality. There I was in World Cup
in an ironmen Jersey and an adrenaline
feather light angel in my hand. There
was nothing left to do but win so that’s
what we did. I had the great pleasure to
be sponsored by a high end gun line. I
have always appreciated the boutique
and attention to detail brands who go
above and beyond to make an
exceptional product that will be iconic
for years to Come. It’s nice to see
adrenaline back in the scene when
everyone is cutting corners they are
stepping up to bring the sport new bold
and beautiful. Watch out for these guys
to be the ones to create the next best
guns in the game.
Oliver Lang