Seattle Thunder


Rank:  NXL Professional

From:  Pacific Northwest

Home Field:  Diamond Hill Paintball - Harrisburg, OR

Team Info: After the fall of the Portland Naughty Dogs in 2011, Seattle Thunder was born by Audrey Whiddon and Corey Field. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Thunder has some of the most veteran players to ever pick up a marker and have proven then can compete with the best. They have been extremely competitive in the NXL with standard Shocker XLSs and were an obvious choice for Pro factory team. We know that Thunder could help demonstrate what superior technology can do to push teams that are already close to winning events over the edge to victory. We are proud to help put them on an equal or higher playing field with the Luxes and other similar guns on the NXL circuit. We expect big things for Thunder in 2019.

Current Roster:

  • James Arnautov
  • Mapp Chhim
  • Corey Field
  • Harrison Frye
  • Paddy Gleason
  • Adam Gomez
  • Will Hansen, Jr.
  • Devin Kahle
  • Jared Lackey

Gun Used:  Legendary Class Seattle Thunder Adrenaline Shocker XLS and CVO.
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