Rank:  Open Class

From:  Mid-South

Home Field:  Insane Paintball - Chattanooga, TN

Team Info:  The Saberwolves have been one of the most dominant paintball teams in the Classic format since it began in August of 2017. They won 4 of the 5 events they entered in 2018. Nearly half of the players on the roster have played for Adrenaline at some point so we felt this was an obvious fit. They are super competitive yet also known as the nice guys at the events. We are very happy to welcome them to our stable of factory sponsored teams. The Saberwolves will be shooting the Legendary level Saberwolf Adrenaline Shocker CVO in all of the major mechanical events and the XLS version in various electronic events throughout the season. 

Current Roster:

  • Caleb Adcock
  • Jacob Adcock
  • Bill Aschbacher
  • Jason Baird
  • Aaron Boling
  • Jacob Byrd
  • Eric Evans
  • Jason Fajardo
  • Gant MacLellan
  • Woody Maddox
  • Ana Owen
  • Justin Owen
  • Jared Powell
  • Karl Poynter
  • Kyle Poynter
  • Aaron Rios
  • Elliott Rodriguez
  • Jonathan Swanson

Gun Used:  Legendary Class Saberwolf Adrenaline Shocker CVO and XLS.
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