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Adrenaline Impulse - New in Box Long Lost Last Unit


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When cleaning out my buddies house where we operated 20 years ago we found a lost Adrenaline Impulse brand new never sold. It has the manuals, barrel bag, etc. but missing the barrel and the ASA. Brand new never shot except we likely shot it 20 years ago to test it in.

The following is from our product details from 20 years ago (2002):

Adrenalin(e) Impulse Featuring: 

  • New Style "Cricket" Vision Board
  • Adrenaline Bolt (Black Derlin)
  • Adrenaline Stainless Hammer
  • Derlin Valve
  • Adrenaline GP Slide Check: this is like an extremely fancy tapeworm. It's actually mechanical and moves back and forth to regulate airflow somewhat like a 14-way does. Its an Air Check Valve. It functions the same or better as an LPR setup except it does not lower the operating pressure and functions at about 165psi.
  • Choice of Adrenaline Low Rise or Adrenalin Hi Rise (this unit has Hi)
  • Adrenaline Grip Frame with choice of Single Trigger or Double Trigger setup (this unit has double): this is a 1-piece frame/solenoid tray housing that will fit the new cricket board. We relocated the speaker to decrease the height by 1/2" and we moved the grip forward quite agressively. There is no milled section for the old style on/off switch or for the rubber cover on the right side. Pictures will explain more when they are out soon. (we redesigned it recently) but its really complicated. It has a built in magnet for the magnetic trigger that is unique from current designs.
  • Adrenaline Impulse Button Pack: Chrome on/off (cricket button) on the back replaces the black plastic one. Chrome vision button on right side of frame, threaded stainless-steel allen key for dwell button to be tournament legal. (overall the frame/solenoid setup the shiznit)
  • Worlds First ever 5th Axis Paintball Gun. The Adrenaline Impulse body has been custom drilled for unique airflow and connections. The review by IOG or the Impulse FAQ will explain this more but this means some parts wont fit on our body (you have to use an Adrenaline vertical adapter for instance). The Air inlet and the vertical screw has been moved forward to align the gas-through grip with the front of the grip frame rather than setting it back off of it. This allows for room to get your fingers in between it and the trigger frame since we moved the frame forward about 1".
  • Choice of Adrenaline vertical or Adrenalin 15 degree US threaded vertical adapter (this has vertical). Right now these only work on the adrenalin body (due to unique airflow and connections) but we're coming out with standard versions really soon.
  • Adrenaline Single Trigger (for single frames) or Double Trigger (for double frames) and for double you have either stick or double trigger design. The trigger won't fit into a current impulse right away but we are working on it. The custom trigger setup fits only in our frame as of now.
  • Adrenaline Gas Through Grip molded to fit your hand
  • Adrenaline Rear Block setup
  • Adrenaline Front Cap with bubble sticker covering up an allen screw. Should you choose to upgrade to the LPR setup at any later date, simply remove the adrenalin sticker, remove the allen screw and thread in the Adrenaline LPR and you're good to go (after you take out the GP check-valve and insert the air-tube).
  • Matching (both front AND back) freak barrel with choice of 1 insert (any size you want) (this unit has no barrel)
  • Polished Finish with Black to Red Fade Design
  • Adrenaline soft-gel sticky grips
  • Basically the only parts that aren't custom is the ball detent, the solenoid, ram, the cricket board and the sticky grips.

Comes with warranty card but no warranty from Adrenaline or the now-defunct Smart Parts.

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