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Laser complet du corps


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Notre laser complet du corps comprend essentiellement toutes les parties du corps. Nous laser le canon sur notre laser rotatif puis laser le corps, les poignées, asaet le goulot d'alimentation. Ce processus prend généralement 4 à 6 heures. Choisissez parmi l'un de nos différents modèles.

Lasering Process

Step 1

Design & Place Order

Upload your artwork or concept and describe it as best as possible. We will contact you to confirm and discuss any necessary changes. Note that Premiere Subscribers are not eligible for full body patterns free of charge.

Step 2

Prep & Ship Your Item

Clean and prepare your item as described in the Lasering Terms (link provided below). Then visit our Returns portal and follow the steps for purchased lasering or using Premiere Subscription credits to obtain your RMA.

Step 3

We'll Laser & Return It

We will prepare your artwork and laser your piece. The purchase price does not include artwork design. If you need assistance with your artwork we will contact you to discuss. Lead times and shipping are as set forth on the Lasering Terms.

Before placing your order please review the full lasering terms and procedures.

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