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How it works

Getting bonus balled is easy right? It may have sucked before but it doesn't anymore. If you have an airmiles account, shopping rewards, dining rewards, etc. then you know about loyalty rewards programs. The Bonus Ball program is Adrenaline's reward system. We wanted customers to start buying more than just sweet guns from us (just like when we owned BuyPB.com). We decided two things may help do the trick: (1) build the best website in paintball; and (2) give loyalty rewards for customers that come back. We accomplished our mission and made it free to join so sign up today. There is no separate sign-up. If you have an Adrenaline account then you're in (and you snagged 100 Bonus Balls to get you started).

When you create an Adrenaline account you'll be automatically in the Pit Crew tier. As you buy more on our site or earn rewards in other ways, described below, you'll progress and at 2,500 Bonus Balls you'll be moved into the Baller tier. At that time you'll be eligible for the Baller tier welcome gift on your next order. Once you get past 5,000 Bonus Balls you'll be moved automatically into the Flaming Skull tier. Each tier has unique benefits that are better than the tier below it.

Adrenaline Account Tiers

Pit Crew

0 - 2,499 Bonus Balls

1 Bonus Ball Per $1 Spent


2,500 - 4,999 Bonus Balls

1 Bonus Ball Per $1 Spent
$25 Off Tier Welcome Coupon
Special Offers & Invitations

Flaming Skull

5,000 + Bonus Balls

2 Bonus Balls Per $1 Spent
$25 Off Tier Welcome Coupon
Exclusive Offers & Invitations
Access to Pick Your Own Serial #

Your current Adrenaline account tier is

How to Earn Bonus Balls

How to Use Bonus Balls

Bonus Balls activity

More Ways to Earn

Earn cash discounts and give cash discounts to friends with our Refer A Friend program

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