Rank:  Open Class

From:  Cbicago, IL

Home Field:  Elite Sports and Breakout Paintball

Team Info:  Forest Brown started Team Farside back in November of 1988 in Illinois. The team called Challenge Park and then CPX their home through the years as paintball and the squad itself evolved. Nearly all of the current "classic" Farside team stopped playing paintball competitively nearly ten years ago, but the draw of playing 10-man lured them back for a reunion event in Atlanta. Almost all of the current players on Farside played with one of the previous incarnations of the team. It turns out, shooting people in the woods with your boys is fun and the team quickly remembered how to play together. Winning the event Southern Classic reignited the team and they are gearing up for a 2019 season.

Adrenaline is very happy to welcome them to our stable of factory sponsored teams. Farside will be shooting the Legendary level Farside Adrenaline Shocker CVO in all of the major mechanical events and the XLS version in various electronic events throughout the season. 

Current Roster:

  • Johnny Rathbun
  • John Dresser
  • TJ Harback
  • Brock Jolliff
  • Matt Sossoman
  • Jamin Kuhnke
  • Kyle Pikrone
  • Ben Chewning
  • David Zorn
  • Andrew Zorn
  • Jake Dickson
  • Andy Horvath
  • Ben Frederick

Gun Used:  Legendary Class Farside Adrenaline Shocker CVO and XLS.
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