Adrenaline Signs NXL Pro Team Seattle Thunder

Seattle Thunder has signed on to be the NXL Pro team for Adrenaline in 2019. They will shoot the Adrenaline XLS Shocker (Seattle Thunder Legendary Series) at all NXL events and the Adrenaline Shocker CVO at mechanical events.

Corey Field of the Thunder said "All of us cannot wait to shoot these guns this year. Adrenaline always made the best of the best and we are proud to be their pro team for 2019, following two former world championship runs with their last two pro teams."

James Graley of Adrenaline said "We know some of these guys from the Naughty Dogs days. They are super talented with lots of experience. I have that same feeling we did when we signed Ground Zero in 2001 where they went to on start winning everything. I think these guys are ready, they just need the confidence and the technology to put them over the edge and get on the podium each event and we're here to give it to them!"