Adrenaline signs FARSIDE to shoot Adrenaline Shockers

Adrenaline is happy to announce that Farside will be shooting Farside Edition Adrenaline Shockers in 2019. Farside has been one of the most dominant Classic teams since the format began winning the Southern Open and the Fight Club event. The roster is filled with experienced players, all of whom have played with the team in prior years when it competed at the top professional levels. Adrenaline will be making a Legendary class Farside Edition Adrenaline Shocker CVO and XLS. Based upon prior Farside designs we expect it to be very popular.

Johnny Rathbun from Farside said: "Adrenaline made some of the most beautiful pieces of functional custom paintball art with their OG Angels almost two decades ago, but when I heard they were coming back, I didn't believe it right away. However, with the success of the amazingly detailed Twister line from Boston Paintball, I realized that Adrenaline might just be on to something amazing. In today's world, I am glad paintball players still appreciate that kind of attention to detail. My guys are excited to shoot the new Adrenaline Shocker and they haven't even seen them yet!"