Adrenaline Signs All American's to Shoot Adrenaline Shocker

Many people know that Adrenaline sponsored the Ironmen back in the day and that they went on to dominate shooting Adrenaline Angels. We are happy to announce that one of the other most famous teams of all time has been added to our very picky stable of teams. The All Americans, one of the most successful pro teams of all time, will be shooting Adrenaline Shocker CVOs at all Classic events in 2019. Also look for them at select electro events sporting the Adrenaline Shocker XLS. But it wont just be any Adrenaline version, there will be an All American Series Adrenaline Shocker in the Legendary Class. With this firepower we expect very big things from the All A's in 2019.

Spesh Robinson from the All Americans said "I'm super excited and proud to announce that the All Americans will be shooting custom All American Series Adrenaline Shockers for the 2019 season. We, as players, have always admired the Adrenaline line of markers. They've always come out with a top-of-the-line product and is ALWAYS a step above the competition with regard to the looks and anodizing. Look for our special edition series to hit the field and to be available for purchase soon. We couldn't be more thankful."