Rank:  ICPS Professional

From:  Ohio & Tennessee

Home Field:  Adrenaline Paintball

Team Info: James, Chad, Jason and Chad Lewis (now deceased) formed the team in 1987, more than three decades ago! Over the years the team developed into a dominant 5-man amateur team winning events like the Amateur Open, Masters, Memphis Indoor Challenge, Ultimate Madness and others. The team moved into the 10-man Amateur A bracket in 2000 making the finals at their 1st ever NPPL event. When the Classic paintball format was introduced in August of 2017 the wheels started spinning on getting the team organized once again. In 2018 Adrenaline won half of the MSPA 5-man mechanical series events and finished 2nd at another. Despite having lots of pro players come through the ranks at various points in time, 2019 is likely the best roster that Adrenaline has had. Hopefully big things are in store.

Current Roster:

  • Brian Bailey
  • Trinity Claud
  • Nicky Cuba
  • Eric Dearman
  • Chad Fuller
  • James Graley
  • Nick "Vegas" Mart
  • Brandon Mayo
  • Lamar Rhoden
  • Jason Salyer
  • Grant Speakman
  • Ricky Tabers
  • Brandon Unger
  • Jeremy "Hollywood" Zimmerman

Gun Used:  Legendary Class Adrenaline Shocker Team Edition CVO and XLS.*
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Note that the following players use limited run Signature Series Adrenaline Shockers:

  • Nicky Cuba - Night Night Adrenaline Shocker
  • Eric Dearman - #1 Stunna Adrenaline Shocker
  • Chad Fuller - OG Adrenaline Shocker
  • James Graley - Baba Yaga Adrenaline Shocker