Adrenaline Custom Carbon SC Pack

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This is the Adrenaline version of the Carbon Paintball SC Harness which we feel is the best harness in paintball. The pattern is custom Adrenaline design with logos and Mr. Skully hiding in the background.

The minimalist SC Harness is designed with an innovative airbag system that allows players to self tailor their lumbar support to increase stability, maximize comfort and decrease pod & harness movement. Pack features tapered tube ejectors that slim and compress the harnesses profile as pods are used leaving less exposed with the removal of each tube.

Available in 3+4, 4+5 and 5+6 tube configurations (tubes not included). Colors are blue or grey. 


  • Adjustable air bag/ bladder
  • Strapless compression fit
  • Tapered tube ejectors (Patent Pending)
  • Laser ventilated waist belt
  • No hard components (plastic or injections)
  • Automatic slimming profile design
  • Minimal motion flex technology
  • Fully ventilated back cushion
  • Non-slip silicone coated back pad

WARNING! Technical Garment: Machine wash with cold water. Water temperature should not exceed 30° C. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry. Do not iron.